Online Bingo Jackpot Won by Lucky Mom
Karen Gass is a forty six year old mom who has five children between her and her husband. The two recently received very good news when Karen hit a large bingo jackpot of 38,000 after just spending 35 on a game.

Karen hit the jackpot last week when she was playing online and hit a full house during the game. She began shaking and crying once she realized what she had won. She told the paper she to say she was shocked was an understatement.

Karen commented that she had not played bingo in years when she saw an ad on television for online bingo. She thought she would give it a go and she kept winning a few pounds every now and then so she played for three hours last week because she had money in her account.

That was then she got the email stating she had won the big bingo jackpot. She said when she told her husband he was in as much shock as she was. She also commented that she still has some money in her bingo account so she plans on playing more online.

- 2009-05-19

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