Jefferson County Missouri Doubles up on Bingo
Bingo players in Jefferson County Missouri can now play twice as much bingo as before! Missouri Governor Jay Nixon put his signature on the line for bingo parlors! Before the Governor of Missouri signed this new legislation that allows bingo halls to open earlier, and remain open longer, bingo halls could only have one game per week.

According to local law, bingo games in Missouri can only be held by a few organizations:

  • Charitable

  • Religious

  • Veteran

  • Fraternal

  • Service

According to news reports, Nixon expects the new law to give these non profit programs a boost in revenue, however, during recent years, and since the induction of casinos in Missouri, the amount of licensed bingo providers in the area has reduced to nearly half.

The expanded bingo law, which face it, only allows bingo to be held twice a week, takes effect August 28th. It is fabulous to see the government listening to citizens and restoring freedoms, however, one does have to wonder if they could be doing more. . .

- 2010-07-14

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