JackpotJoy announces 75 Ball bingo win
JackpotJoy is an exciting gambling site that offers their players large jackpot prizes. The site recently announced one lucky winner took home a jackpot while playing the Bingo 75 Ball game. The lucky player was Jeanette H. and she couldn’t be happier.

The lucky player won a nice jackpot prize and as luck was on her side she won cash on a mini game as well. Mini games can be played between regular games on just on the side for a bit of fun and they reward players as well. Jeanette H. won a total of £2,437.83 while playing 75 Ball bingo and mini games.

Jeanette commented on her excitement by stating: “I called to check that it was true, that what I was looking at and seeing on my screen was right. Had I really won £2k?” when the site confirmed her win she was so excited she said: “Oh My God, I have really won and it is really all mine?”

The 75 ball bingo game that Jeanette was playing is a popular version of bingo. It is similar to the traditional 90 ball bingo game but this version is shorter so it is favored more by players. The bingo games have specific patterns that must be made to earn a win. The bingo caller will call out the numbers and players will mark them off as they are called out. The first player to get a pattern wins.

Jeanette was so happy she had one final comment to make to JackpotJoy: “I was very very shocked and so happy. It was my first ever win and I couldn’t believe the amount of money that I had won. I just said thank you, thank you, thank you Jackpotjoy. It was a dream come true.”

- 2011-02-18

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