Cozy Games launching new bingo network
Online bingo is readily available across the globe as several companies are invested in the industry. Online bingo operators are spread throughout the UK and other areas, with the UK being the most popular region for the gaming option. Players can easily log online to a bingo site and take part in 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games along with tournaments and promotional opportunities.

Bingo networks commonly create new sites to be able to add new gaming options for players with a new look and feel. Cozy Games’ Live Bingo Network is one such provider that offers bingo gaming across several sites. The network recently announced they will be adding a new site which will be called Lucky Puppy Bingo. The site is set to launch in the near future.

Cozy Games’ has yet to release a date for the site to go live but has listed the site on the Live Bingo Network with a tag stating Coming Soon. If you were to visit the Lucky Puppy Bingo site, you will see a Coming Soon page but additional information is not available. The brand does have a tagline that says it will be the Funnest New Bingo Site.

One can assume that Cozy Games’ will be theming the new site around puppies. Of course puppies are popular among gamers and players like to see a unique theme when they play online bingo. Bingo sites are notorious for offering bright colors and themed options that appeal to the masses. This new site will be no exception and should be quite popular among both men and women.

The site should offer the same great gaming options and features as the network provides all their gaming sites. Players will find new deposit bonuses, plus extra ways to earn rewards. Games include 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo plus slot games for those who want a break from bingo gaming.

- 2016-09-13

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