$5000 Super Bowl Contest
Many websites that are dedicated exclusively to Bingo, host many types of tournaments with very attractive prizes, it will make anyone think twice about giving bingo the cold shoulder whenever itís mentioned. Believe it or not itís a very lucrative business for both players that look to play on these sites and the site creators that offer them.

Sites like VicsBingo.com hold special tournaments regularly, for the upcoming month of February in honor of the Super bowl starting on February 4th through February 29th the actual contest is on May 11th which means members have to play and win a lot in order to qualify for the final prize money over $5000 in cash, this sounds like a nice chunk of change for simply playing Bingo.

The next time youíre sitting in front of your personal computer reading your daily news or searching for a perfect location for your next vacation try something new and look up the word bingo, you can search for it however you can think of: history, terminology, tips, you name it.

The results will amaze anyone, it seems like an entirely different generation just found out about a game that was played back in the day by our grandmothers, the love affair with bingo returned but with a high tech twist to it, since computers basically rule the world itís not strange at all that Bingo has found itís way in the world wide web. With computers in almost every household in the planet and with access to the internet you can play Bingo with practically any one, whether he lives across the street or across the ocean. As it was mentioned before this High tech bingo craze is the next big thing.

- 2008-01-22

Top 3 Bingo Halls

› Established 2001 in Netherlands Antilles.
100% bonus up to $100

› Established 2004 in Antigua and Barbuda.
150% bonus up to $450

› Established 2004 in Kahnawake.
100% bonus up to $100
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